How Went From OMG I Can’t Do This To Seeing A Huge Change In 5 Months

The evening darkness suited my depressed mood. I didn’t bother turning on the lights or leaving my office. It was another day and I didn’t feel like leaving my house.

I was exhausted with parenting. Burnt out. And embarrassed. You see, 3 years earlier, I’d left a stable job, with a generous income to pursue my dream life as a homemaking wife, mom and writer.

I wrote my first published book, a guide, articles, blog posts and podcast scripts. I started singing at our local church, I cooked cleaned, washed, did taxes, and I hustled. And I learned. And grew and improved. And you know what? It worked.

My husband has been a huge supporter to me as a full-time domestic engineer, homeschooling mama, writer, podcaster, worship singer. Living the dream — except not. I felt disappointed in myself. I’d built an entire life around what many consider an ideal great life, and I no longer thought I could do it.

When You Feel You Can’t Do It

I wonder if you know the feeling too. The one where you no longer want to do the thing you always wanted to do. When you have a child with level three autism and other behavioral issues life gets super hard. It gets super hard to block out the screams, the destruction of throwing chairs, ripping shirts, spitting, kicking and the feet pounding. It gets hard when you have no one to truly help. No medication, therapy, song, snack, psychiatrist or doctor could help us when Jaiden was in crisis for almost two full months.

Maybe you don’t have a child with special needs but you studied the music for years, going all in, dreaming of a career as a performer, now you rarely listen to music or sing. Maybe you were a writer and you stopped writing. You might have built a business, or a brand from the ground up, and now the thought of it exhausts you. Your tired, frustrated and stressed. Or you created a product and generated a side hustle, but the grind has gotten you down. Whatever it is, I am here with you. It. Gets. Crappy. It also gets leveled.

It’s okay to slow down and reevaluate your priorities. It’s okay to slow down and eat right, rest right, exercise right. It’s okay to slow down and set time aside for meditation, prayer and worship. It’s okay to stop and look at the real reasons your experiencing stress. It’s okay to stop and think about your negative behaviors and how to turn away from them. It’s okay to ease up on your expectations, on your right to be right, to be heard and understood. It’s important to choose to be grateful, to commit to loving God, your family and others. It’s important to refocus and breathe.

“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.” (Psalm 62:1)

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