In The Works

UPCOMING BOOK! The debut of Peace Through Pain coming soon December 2021!! Some of the things that I cover are how to survive stress when parenting a child with autism, moving through the pain and struggles, how to help your marriage thrive along with helpful scriptures and resources. 

Each month starting in January of 2021, I would like to treat my readers extra special and send one person a sweet gift. Shhh…It’s a surprise. I am sure you will like it and it could be a book, or just about anything. Want to enter? Just leave a comment below.

If you are interested in more information about how to stress less when caring for your child with autism I have written a FREE guide to help You with this! Please sign up for your FREE guide today at




4 thoughts on “In The Works

  1. God bless you for turning your experiences into help and encouragement for others, Maritza! I pray his wisdom and discernment upon you as you work, plan, and write toward your goal.


      1. I am sure that it is, and has been, a challenge for you. I also knew a family where one of their senior teens worked at their family owned restaurant and could run the business. In my mind, people like you are champions in the highest regard.


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