How to swim upstream against the floods of life

Some of us parents are struggling to keep up with all that’s going on in our households when parenting our children with autism. How can you be the one to swim upstream against the floods that take place in your life? How can you do it without being worn out? Over the years, I have become frustrated and I have felt that I have not done a good job of serving my family effectively. You may feel the same way too.

In order for you to serve your family and make changes for the better you have to have a clear focus, a great deal of energy, a sense of humor and people who are in your corner through the good and bad. A lot of things that happen in life can be disappointing. However, this is your family, this is your child. Do not quit and never lose heart. 

I probably sound repetitive to you all because I frequently will say, don’t quit, be grateful, love your child. These things that I say often are what I believe the things that can help you to change your life for the better. Let’s just take this time to remind ourselves to bring joy to our families as best as we can and to:

  1. Be grateful and thankful
  2. Delegate tasks as needed and to
  3. Rest

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8 thoughts on “How to swim upstream against the floods of life

  1. It’s amazing how much gratefulness can turn an entire day around. Our minds naturally tell us that if something bad happens, the day is “ruined”… when really, it was just one really bad moments and there might have been so much good. This takes practice but has helped to to find much joy – even in “hard” times.

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  2. Your three ways for bringing joy to family life are worthy strategies for anyone, no matter their circumstances. That middle one about delegating tripped me up during the years of raising our three kids and teaching school. Looking back, why was I so hesitant to ask for help to get everything done? Perhaps it was just easier (with more satisfactory results) to just do it myself. That smacks of pride and perfectionism doesn’t it. Ouch! I need a do-over!! (Praise God for such promises as Romans 8:1!)

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    1. Amen Nancy! I was like that too. I wanted to do everything myself because I thought it would be better, more efficient that way. Perfectionism destroys what could be a peaceful familial life. God is a great God and so thankful he loves us just how we are.


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