Staying Positive During Sick Days

So how do you stay positive when you’re not feeling very good and every symptom that appears to be allergy like or cold like you think and others think you may now have COVID-19! Jaiden has been sick for most of the week with what we now know is a sinus infection. I then got it then my oldest etc… you all know the pain, pressure, bloody nasal drainage and fatigue cause you can’t breathe.

It’s hard to be sick when you have a family to take care of. It’s hard to be positive when you have a sick child with severe special needs. He screamed, spat, punched walls, and also slammed doors a lot this week, and I knew he was sick so I tried to give him his space. I made a great meal with chicken thighs and veggies for the whole family on Wednesday. I knew Jaiden was getting better as he was smiling more and happier overall.

I went to cleanup dining room and then went to the bathroom thinking I could leave the pan on the stove with the rest of the food which was for Kevin my husband. I went to the kitchen and I saw just veggies and shreds of chicken leftover! I was like “Nooo!” He laughed so hard and I was just like oh well Kev will have a nice vegetarian meal today. Then later that night, I got sick so I really was exhausted.

Jaiden left Kevin veggies for dinner☺️

Sometimes our kids are so hard to handle. Jaiden being a teen with all sorts of medical issues has times where he is a ton to handle. He was better I was not and then my oldest came out of his room later the next day to tell me he was sick too. We all were getting sick and Jaiden was bouncing off the walls. Kevin was not his usual self this week due to an unfortunate event that happened so we’re all out of sorts.

Jaiden demands attention from all of us and he will behave negatively as well to get ANY attention. I told him “Break Time!” on our kitchen floor after I found he ate all the gas x, pepto and drank half bottle of dimetapp thankfully it’s the tiny bottle. I was relieved that it wasn’t something worse as I hide meds and vitamins very well, but because I have been not feeling well I literally have let them all do whatever they want. Terrible I know. I might have left a few meds out which yep it was those and he ate and drank them up. He has Pica so he will eat and drink pretty much anything. You can’t be sick when you have a Jaiden it’s true. I was though, and grateful for my Hubbs buying me some vitamins, 7-up, cough drops, and NyQuil and also for a great friend that came to bring me soup to get me better. Love these peeps!

Just a push from them both helped me to be more positive. Now I am getting better just like Jaiden and so is my other son. One day at a time you guys! Praying I can help push you to be a better person too when you are not feeling so great. Blessings!

Jaiden having a break on kitchen floor

“Act like people with good sense and not like fools.” Ephesians 5:15 CEV

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2 thoughts on “Staying Positive During Sick Days

  1. You just completed the equivalent of a triathlon (being sick, taking care of your household, and taking care of a special needs son)–and you WON! Congratulations, Maritza! Your strength and stamina are off the charts!

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