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I’m excited and ready for the new season! In the podcast, I will help you to stress less when parenting your child with autism. Here’s how:

1. I will help you to identify areas where there is most stress.

2. I will help give you the resources you need to help you on your journey.

3. I will help you to rely on God through the tough, tough times and give you a skill to use for your week.

Latest podcast episode:

“All wisdom comes from the Lord, and so do common sense and understanding.” Proverbs‬ ‭2:6‬ ‭

Get Maritza’s First Book Autism in Our Home on Amazon and Barnes and Noble Now!! Putting God first when parenting your child with autism is the best thing you can do for your family! I want to help you to get your mind right and point you to the right resources. My second book is in the works and will be out soon!!

If you wanna go much deeper than the blogs and podcasts are giving you then make sure you go to and I can go one on one with you. I can give you a free 10 min consultation to see if I am the right fit for you so just go to and send me a message!

Check out my husband👉🏼Kevin on his YouTube page for more tips!


I am a wife to Kevin and mama of three boys one with epilepsy, autism and an intellectual disability. I have a background in healthcare and biblical counseling and am here to help parents stress less when caring for a child with autism.

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