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When All Hope Is Lost, Consider This

Have you ever lost something? Maybe it was your keys. To find them you try and retrace your steps, look in all sorts of places and may also blame others and ask if they’ve seen them. Perhaps maybe they’ve been stolen. Things can be insignificant material things. What if what you lost was a person?

There are so many questions that occupy my mind and I was hoping to have someone anyone shed some light as to how a person one day can be with an intellectual disability, autism and epilepsy be physically, behaviorally sound for most days and then the next be completely gone mentally. No one not a doctor, psychiatrist, neurologist, psychologist, behavioral therapist, counselor could tell me why. They all have their own findings as to why but not specifically for my Jaiden.

I know that we as parents can become uncomfortable with how our children with special needs present with so many maladaptive behaviors. They may scream, pick at their skin till it bleeds, bang their heads, bite, spit, kick you name it. I’ve tried to find him in the midst of the mess. I’ve prayed, sang, loved, hugged, researched, and read. I’ve tried to apply certain methods of therapy, played with him, walked with him, jumped with him, swam with him, sang with him, used medication for him, and sent him to the best schools. Jaiden is who he is. I find that mentally he is lost most days. I didn’t ever think I would see a day where Jaiden and his mind was lost. As his mother, any information I’ve received for Jaiden is helpful, even if it isn’t. Nowadays, I cling to whatever peace I can cling to and try to parent him the best way I can.

When all hope is lost, answers are needed. Sometimes you may not get any answers. I’m in this with you and believing for better days ahead.

My God and Protector, when I feel anxiety surrounds me on all sides with no visible rescue plan, remind me to relax in the presence of Your greater strength. As I rest in You, I want to imagine Your Spirit with His arms wide open, standing up for me. Amen.

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“Worry is a heavy burden, but a kind word always brings cheer.” Proverbs‬ ‭12:25‬ ‭CEV‬‬


I am a wife to Kevin and mama of three boys one with epilepsy, autism and an intellectual disability. I have a background in healthcare and biblical counseling and am here to help parents stress less when caring for a child with autism.

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