Hi. I am Maritza

image Hello everyone… my name is Maritza I am an Author, Autism Parent Mentor, and Biblical Counselor. I am a wife to Kevin, and mother to three boys. My middle son Jaiden was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy and Autistic Disorder by age 2. I always thought I would have a career in healthcare or music, however THAT was my plan. Over the years, I have continued to go to countless doctors, appointments, therapies and even hospital stays and I have become different person.  I began to spend more time with God in prayer, worship and started reading the bible and became less stressed with life , myself and others.  I changed my aspirations to a career where I could help others and I know this in my heart of hearts is what Im called to do and THAT is to help the hurting.

I have a degree in psychology from Liberty University and a Masters diploma in Biblical Counseling from Light University.

I am the author of Autism in Our Home, blog on www.strategies2cope.wordpress.com, and podcast on The Autism Stress Less Podcast https://anchor.fm/molisfam. I grew up in Lorain, Ohio a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I love to work with those struggling with life, marriage and parenting.

I love helping parents that have newly diagnosed children with Autism to be better informed about services available to them and their children.

Maritza Molis can be reached at:


330-353-8713 or email at molisfam@gmail.com with any questions.

Check her out online www.strategies2cope.com

4 thoughts on “Hi. I am Maritza

  1. Sliced Science

    It’s great to find a blog that doesn’t just state scriptures but also connects it back to daily life–especially since we really need Him each and every day. Best wishes to your dreams! I sincerely believe you’ll be a wonderful counselor.


  2. Matthew Chiglinsky

    I don’t like the word “God”. Too many people misuse it, and the Bible is just one of many collections of philosophy that have been scattered throughout the world over time. That’s why I’m an atheist (besides the fact that I don’t like other people dictating how I think or act).

    But I’m not the typical materialistic atheist. I try to find a deeper meaning in everything, because frankly life without meaning feels like death to me, and death hurts.

    It can be purifying to the spirit to think for yourself and develop your own set of principles to live by, because people who claim to believe in “God” and the “Bible” often twist it around for their own selfish ends anyway, and those people may lead you astray if you consider yourself one of them: There are “Christians” who murder, “Christians” who systematically mistreat other people, and “Christians” who support unhealthy sexual practices. “Christians” can be very evil wolves in sheep’s clothing.


    1. I understand and I believe that All people can be evil wolves in sheep’s clothing, everybody gets lost and will feel at the end of their rope sometimes, the bible is made to be our handbook for life, it inspired by God and meant for us to use it to help us through our suffering we endure here on this earth. I am a christian I love the bible, Christ and have a heart to lead people to him and help the hurting. So many of us people here on earth have pain most of our issues are incomparable and we all need guidance. My prayer is for anyone who sees the blogs I present will be inspired,helped or changed in a way that helps them to use the coping methods that are mentioned.


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